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Handmade. Unique. Passion for wood.

We are Audrius and Virginija from Kaunas, Lithuania. Woodstorming is our creative business - we design, create and sell our original ring boxes, office accessories, and home decorations.
We love wood! It is so natural and warm material - a pleasure to work with, to touch and to use. Traditional and modern at the same time, original, unique, charming with amazing patterns and colors. Each piece is unique.
Our vision is to create things better and inimitable - that every person who purchases or gets Woodstorming creation could feel special. The whole idea is built on this and we enjoy creation process and do everything from scratch ourselves. Our designs require a lot of handwork and are made with great attention to detail. It is amazing to see a plain piece of wood turn into something special. Our inspiration comes from a strong desire to create new and better things. Because every box has a story, our job is never boring. It’s amazing to communicate with so many different people and imagine our creations traveling all over the world!
We want to make your special moments unforgettable. Our ring boxes are made to remember those special engagement and wedding dates forever. To make the best memories last.

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